I was the architect and lead developer for tate.me (and one of the owners).

Tate.me homepage: tate.me

You can login as “Guest” and check out some of the presentations we have available to the public.

Guest login for Tate.me

If you like it you can create load your own graphics and presentations into Tate.me and use it as a collaborative slide share tool. Currently it’s free so give it a try


Tate.me is really cool. The idea was to make a always-online fully collaborative annotation tool. A web application where you could join your friends and work together to annotate and discuss about “pages”. Annotations are workflow driven, so they can have be open or closed and can have attached graphics, chat, even voice annotations.

You can make freehand annotations by drawing with a pen, for example just circle the thing you want to discuss.

Or if you want to see some far-out feature, start dragging an annotations and ask you friend to drag another annotation or even add comments to the annotation while you are dragging it.

Fun aside, there are a lot of useful features. Follow mode has been very popular for educators. Teachers can give a presentation and students can follow. When following a teacher your page and view will change to show the same page the teacher is on. Of course you can still use all the annotation and collaboration capabilities at the same time, and students can always branch of and go their own way if they want.


Tate.me was founded by a team of experienced publishing professionals and a world-class software developers. A customer focused and international team with shared values focused on making life easier for publishers and reviewers alike (and themselves!).

We’re a small team with some big ideas - we’re tired of seeing editors and authors rely on overpriced and inaccesible tools to perform simple review and feedback tasks. Futhermore, we really like it when all everyone involved in a review tasks can communicate what the problem is, and did it get fixed. In our experience this pain-point alone accounts for friction between authors, editors, customers,etc.

In creating Tate.me we realized really how useful and general purpose it is. Some might call it feature-creep, we call it feature-rich. Tate.me is useful for many design and review related things - like presentations and bug-reporting. Give it a try today.